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Inception (Neuralian Chronicles: The Siede)


HOPE is reborn—through him

Anthony Griggs is a dreamer bound to discover that the world behind his eyes is as much reality as when he is awake.  Having survived an abusive childhood, escapism is all he had until his fiancée, Audrey, became his tether to the world.  Unsure of himself he withdraws into the realm of his imagination.  That is until he saves a coma patient in his dream.  Anthony soon learns that the world isn’t as 3 dimensional as he once believed when the veil of reality is drawn before his eyes.  The coma patient is a direct link to Anthony’s heritage and it befalls him to use his ability to protect an unborn child as darker forces seek to prevent his birth.  The child is the new vessel for Hope and the world’s quiet salvation or its complete undoing.  Anthony delves into a world of gods and entities…demons and Jinn learning the hidden mythologies of life.  He must rediscover who he is and learn what sacrifices he’s willing to make.  Will he choose Audrey for the life he’s dreamed of?  Or will he choose the Hope of mankind?


Now Available in Print and Kindle Edition!


Brandon Hall, Neuralian Chronicles, The Siede


Inception (Neuralian Chronicles: The Siede) is a great fantasy novel.  It is engaging, interesting and takes us just outside the edges of our world to a new existence.


Tammy Dewhirst

Rabid Reader Reviews



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